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apparel brand design

creative directors

Nick Williams (Puma, Levi's), Bill Strohacker


Design a branding identity for a denim brand of your choice, be it Levi’s, Gap, Lee or one you make up yourself. The end design must reflect the spirit of your chosen company, and be alluring to your target audience.

Hero Image.jpg

old Ford advertisement of Ranchero

brief history of Ranchero

In 1957, Ford released the ‘Ranchero’, later refreshing the car-come-truck into the 1959 model depicted in the image to the left. Old ads of the Ford Ranchero advertise the vehicle as ‘more than a car, more than a truck’. Versatility was its key allure: a worker’s vehicle, but also something that could be driven to church on a Sunday. The Ranchero was often depicted next to cowboys, who stare at it longingly. This theme of the American Southwest, combined

 with the Spanish model name and stylised symbol of a Longhorn (featured on the tailgate), evoked feelings of freedom, but also of hard work and determination.


I have taken the motor company Ford and visualised how they might design a line of jeans. Taking heavy inspiration from their 1959 Ranchero, these jeans are marketed as ‘more than just a pair of jeans’. At the same time as being tough and durable enough to wear as work jeans, they are comfortable and stylish. Meant for ‘work and play’, these jeans are as versatile as a Ford Ranchero. The colour scheme for this particular line of jeans comes from the ‘baby blue’ of the Ranchero shown in the picture below. Each design element of the branding takes inspiration from a detail on the Ranchero itself.


leather patch design

pocket flasher.png

pocket flasher design

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