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branding & identity

creative directors

John McFaul (Pepsi, Levi’s, New Balance, Nokia)

Bill Strohacker


Create a strong logo and brand that expresses who you are. Your personality, your likes, desires and style. You are the client here. This is you, made visual.


My brand identity represents my deepest nuances and interests, those things I do that make me who I am. My logo combines music, creativity and photography into one succinct, unique graphic. The contours of a guitar envelop the black and white keys of a piano, two instruments to which I willingly give much of my heart. The first three letters of my name, Lou, flow freely across the top of this guitar shape. The ‘L’ reaches out to a circle, which represents the viewfinder of a camera.


Stationery Mock-Up WEB.jpg

stationary mock-up


compliment slip

Business Card WEB1.png
Business Card FINAL WEB2.png

business card

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