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A selection of my camera-less photography work. I handcraft images in the darkroom, using experimental techniques to create unique images using light and light-sensitive paper.


Part of a series called That Which It Is, the images here explore the ontological nature of photography. Light and time, coupled with the human desire to 'fix', are exposed as the medium's fundamental characteristics - those properties without which it simply would not be.

Each hand-crafted print in this series is unique, created solely through the contact of light on light-sensitive paper. By stripping the medium down in such a way, photography's intrinsic nature is allowed to shine through.

The longer the light sits on the paper, the darker the greys become. The shorter the time, the lighter those greys are. From faint white to pure black, each tone represents a different interval of time - all of which collide into the quiet space of a single frame.

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